Sleep is easier on a kalmiaTM mattresses - choose support or extra support for model

Kalmia Mattress
Engineered to communicate with your body
  • Superior pressure redistribution and support — relieves muscle, joint and back pain while keeping your body in perfect alignment
  • Firm side edge — decreases risk of falls while laying down or sitting
  • Bio-sensitive — helps prevent bed sores
  • Micro climate ticking — maintains optimum temperature for sleep
  • Works with adjustable system — improves circulation and comes with massage feature
  • Compressed and UPS shippable
Sleep 37.5™
Bedding that maintains a microclimate of personal comfort while you sleep.

Bedding made with 37.5 technology actively removes excess heat and moisture vapor on-demand to maintain optimum comfort zone, allowing you to enter deeper, longer periods of sleep. Every Kalmia mattress features this innovation.

The KalmiaTM Support Mattress

Support Mettress
Comfort and temperature control for an easy night’s sleep

The KalmiaTM Extra Support Mattress

Extra Support Mettress
Additional layers of firmness for those with muscle and joint issues
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